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Bronzila is an Iranian manufacturer with many years of experience in the field of bronze products. By relying on the experienced Iranian force and by presenting its products to the domestic market and exporting to Asian and European countries, the Bronzila group has been able to provide a pure and high-quality product and a field for employment and continued activity of many workshops and people thanks to the trust and provide your support.


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Bronze watch and candlestick code 1615

Original price was: $4.104.000.Current price is: $3.694.000.

Bronze Chess Code 1801

Original price was: $8.970.000.Current price is: $7.800.000.


Original price was: $4.800.000.Current price is: $4.320.000.

Manufacturer of bronze products with a variety of more than 5000 products!

We are an Iranian manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in producing all kinds of bronze products.

In addition to supplying the domestic market, Bronzila Group has been able to export its products to various countries with creativity and effort.

Bronzila is a mixture of Iranian art and creativity

With a global reputation

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Bronzila » Iranian producer of bronze products

It is an honor that as an Iranian manufacturer with skilled Iranian personnel, we have been able to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers and export our products to other countries. It is employment for the domestic force and satisfaction of its customers.

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