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In 1375, Bronzila Production Group started to produce bronze products for the first time by designing a bronze fruit bowl and vase.

Due to the ingenuity in design and the attraction of domestic and foreign markets to buy exquisite bronze products, the history of which reaches more than three thousand years in Iran, this collection gradually expanded its production and was able to sell for five years in 1390 to 1395 Continually, Afarin won the title of the best example of Shahrari and the best producer of chandeliers and bronze decorations in Iran.

Currently, the production group of Bronzila, using the art of capable domestic designers and employing more than fifty Iranian personnel, is producing and distributing exquisite bronze products in the countries of Iran, Russia, Baku, Turkey, Iraq, Dubai, Armenia, Tajikistan and Romania. continues

It is hoped that with the support of domestic producers, the field of job creation, growth and movement towards a bright future will be possible.

History of Bronzila store
Everything has a beginning… Yes! Branzilla was formed from the initial idea of this topic to be a safe place to buy bronze and brass products with complete information about the product. It was October of 2013 when the initial group of Bronzila got together and gradually by attracting the most professional and forming the main group, they introduced the internet world to Bronzila. This was just planting the initial seed of Bronzila. From that day until now, Bronzila has grown every day and has continued to pursue its main goal of making your homes more beautiful, while providing the best quality. Bronzila delivers your favorite products to you in the fastest and safest way possible.

This company provides services and even exports products to different countries by using two sales offices, a physical store, a transportation unit, online stores and a factory unit, and now Mr. Amir Ali Nosrati is the CEO of Bronzila Group.

Where did “Branzilla” come from?
Bronzila is the child of the English word bronze which means bronze and tries to portray the spirit of life in bronze products and equipment. This name and the meaning derived from it is the mental slogan of our collection, and we are constantly trying to bring you the feeling of beauty and the spirit of life through the creation of our products, as mentioned in the name Bronzila.

The advantage of being Brazilian
By buying from the Bronzila online store, you can easily track your purchases and see their history and manufacturing process. Create a list of your favorite products with Bronzila and find out about their availability and price.

You can also make a cost-effective purchase by knowing about the exciting discounts.

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Contact number for sales experts:

factory address :

Tehran, Imam Reza highway, second belt

Send a message now: 09126466697

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